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Staff Support and
Resilience Team Collaborative

Support Group
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Who We Are And
Why We Gather

A focus on physical wellness is a staple benefit of many organizations. A growing body of evidence is highlighting the need to cultivate the emotional and psychological health, wellbeing, and resilience of employees as a means of driving retention and engagement.


We lead that work: we are a collection of Staff Support and Resilience Team professionals. We gather here to establish community, share best practices, ask questions, and give advice.

Whether you've been on this journey, are just starting, looking for yourself, or driving this change in your organization: we invite you to join us.

Become A Member

It's free and comes with access to:

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Introduce yourself, connect with other members, ask questions of the community, share your experiences, and benefit from evidence-based and -informed best practices. This is a communal library of information.

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See past events and join upcoming ones. Topics include: current issues, the latest in research, best practices, learning moments, different reporting structures, and deep dives into individual programs.

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